Tools to educate

Awareness Guidelines

Guidelines to inspire companies to raise awareness about human trafficking to customers and employees. The guide explains why it is important that companies use their leverage and communication reach to draw attention to the issue of trafficking. It further provides real examples of how companies can raise awareness to consumers through campaigns, product packaging, endorsements, and the internet. The guide also illustrates through examples how businesses can educate their employees through internal workshops, external forums, and online training courses.



Awareness Video: Animated 60-second awareness PSA about what human trafficking is and what consumers can do to support the fight against it. One version is in English, and one is with Romanian subtitles. The PSA was delivered to The Delhaize Group upon its completion and in accordance with requirements specified by Delhaize.

Training Guidelines

Employee Training to Help Identify Human Trafficking: A 23-page training guide to raise awareness about human trafficking among corporate employees. The training guide is based off the online training course, and is intended as a complementary tool allowing interested parties to develop customized and interactive workshops based on the guide.

Online Training Tool

This online training tool to educate employees and the general public about the reality of human trafficking was developed by the Samilia Foundation and Not For Sale with the collaboration of Delhaize Group. This tool is composed of videos explaining the various aspects of human trafficking, how it occurs, who are the victims, the traffickers and how business and individuals can help fight it. You will also learn about real stories of survivors who greatly contribute to raising awareness of this growing social problem.

Please follow the below link to register to the online tool, it will only take about 20 minutes of your time to learn about human trafficking and, we hope, feel empowered to contribute to help eradicate it.

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