Our project

The Business Against Slavery project is a collaborative effort between the Samilia Foundation and Not For Sale, two global anti-human trafficking organizations, realized with the financial support of the European Commission.


In 2014, the Samilia Foundation and Not for Sale joined forces and skills to bring together an innovative project targeting the corporate world. Alongside the Samilia Foundation and Not For Sale, 2 Romanian organizations: GTR and Reaching Out and an Italian NGO Idee Migranti joined as partners in the project co-funded by the European commission entitled “Comprehensive Corporate Toolkit to address demand for human trafficking”.

The main objective of the Business Against Slavery project is to provide an approach for private sector companies to address the demand for Trafficking in Human Beings (THB). This objective has been reached by developing and piloting a toolkit for companies that targets both the demand for and supply of THB, as an effective demand reduction strategy requires addressing both aspects of the issue. To address the demand of human trafficking, the toolkit provides resources and guidelines to help companis educate empoyees and customers about the issue. Tools aiming to help reducing the supply focus on how the private sector can best partner with civil society organizations, and how companies can enhance responsible sourcing practices. The toolkit offers a variety of resources that provides private sector companies with a clear approach to address both the demand and supply aspects of THB. A number of the tools has been developed in consultation with the Delhaize Group.

To ensure the effectiveness of the toolkit, a pilot was conducted with Delhaize Group, a major retailer based in Brussels with operations in Romania, Greece and Serbia.

Project Results:

1) A Comprehensive corporate toolkit to guide private sector companies on how to effectively address demand for THB accesible at businessagainstslavery.org
2) An Effective piloted implementation of the Corporate Toolkit to address the demand for THB
3) A Documented increase in the awareness and knowledge of THB among Delhaize employees in Romania and Greece;
4) Enhanced corporate social responsibility programming and consideration of human rights within Delhaize’s operations;
5) Increased level of education among beneficiaries at GTR and Reaching Out in Romania and improvement of social inclusion programmes
6) The development of a line of textile products by Reaching Out beneficiaires under the guidande of Idee Migranti’s stylists and textile experts and the resulting need to support a social enterprise to provide job opportunities to victims and to further develop talents that emerged througout the collaboration between Idee Migranti and Reaching Out

This project has been possible thanks to the great collaboration and professionalism of each partner. We would like direct a special thanks and to emphesize the great effort and passion of the Delhaize Group in helping making this project become a reality.

About Samilia

Samilia Foundation was created in 2007 in order to alert and raise awareness on human trafficking in Belgium. Samilia develops prevention and social inclusion projects in countries of origin of victims of trafficking, whether victims of sexual exploitation or forced labour, and collaborates with the private sector, local and international NGOs and governments in order to efficiently set actions to combat the root causes of human trafficking.

Samilia offers corporate workshops on human trafficking in order to raise awareness on slavery in supply chains and get the private sector involved in the fight against this growing phenomenon.

The main goals of Samilia Foundation is to educate, raise awareness and facilitate working opportunities for survivors of trafficking or high risk population. With it’s prevention programmes in Romania, Samilia Foundation helps disadvantaged adolescents and young single mums avoid traffickers traps. In Belgium, Samilia works at raising awareness amongst the general public about human trafficking.


About Not For Sale, The Netherlands

Not For Sale (NFS) is an international organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking that launches different social enterprises in both the country of origin and in destination countries.

The Netherlands is a destination country for many victims of human trafficking. A majority of victims are transported from Western Africa and Eastern Europe.

By providing apprenticeships, NFS gives survivors of human trafficking a new perspective for the future, teaching them job skills and offering them work experience. These skills enable them to enter the labour market and bring the trainees closer to a normal life.

In 2015 NFS partnered with the Regional Community College of Amsterdam (ROC) to expand the training program and provide professionally recognized courses and certificates. Two social enterprises were opened under the name Dignita, a restaurant and a retail store.

NFS plans to create a model for training and employing survivors of human trafficking that can be extended across the Netherlands and other cities throughout Europe, thus increasing the number of survivors that can be assisted. You can find more information on our website:


About Our project partners


GTR is a nongovernmental, not involved political or religious, non-profit NGO.
GTR was founded in 2001, currently with representatives or branches in main cities of Romania.
GTR headquarters is in Timisoara. GTR staff is composed of 31 members who work with 150 volunteers.

In partnership with schools, rural communities, government agencies and ngo’s we develop programs to prevent the human trafficking. We provide psychological and medical assistance to the victims and also we are developing program for reintegration and re-socialization of victims of trafficking in human beings

Idee Migranti

Ideee Migranti Onlus was founded in 2006 thanks to the cooperation experiences of it’s founders and has the following purposes :

• Promoting international cooperation projects to support the socio-economic and cultural development of the local communities of disadvantaged countries, with the aim of promoting women’s empowerment through sustainable experiences of social entrepreneurship ;

• Do reserch activity in Italy, information and awareness on key issues related to the projects implemented such as the women’s economic empowerment , social enterprise and community development based on local resources

• To promote the growth of a culture of social cooperation in the business world through the principle of corporate social responsibility.

Reaching Out

Since 1999, Reaching Out Romania has worked with victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. During this time we have assisted over 470 victims, mostly Romanian women and girls who have been enslaved and abused in European countries. Victims are referred to us by the police, Child Protection Department and NGO’s from destination countries. However, when necessary, we organize the direct rescue of victims. Whilst they are in our care, we offer them a place of shelter as well as psychological, medical and legal assistance and make them part of our family. We shape our activities around the needs of this extended family and we provide everybody with long term assistance. We help many to initiate or continue their studies, to seek jobs or do whatever it takes for them to rebuild their lives.

Delhaize Group

In 2013, Delhaize Group agreed to co-create a comprehensive corporate toolkit in collaboration with the Samilia Foundation and Not For Sale to fight human trafficking.

Delhaize Group has been Samilia Foundation’s partner in developing corporate workshops and creating work opportunities for survivors of human trafficking in the Balkans since 2012.

Delhaize Group has been a very important and reliable partner of this project.